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activites rednecks partake in. ex: hunting, 4 wheeling, stealing random useless items and poning them off, eat fried chicken in there food stained wife beater, and driving a lawn mower b/c they aford a car.
Mary- what do you want to do today?

Bill Bob- do you want to go rednecking?

Mary- yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jimmy Bob Jones April 08, 2007
When a redneck enters the woods to find a mate. Usually includes the redneck mating call (Yee Yee Yee!)
Kyle: I went rednecking last night.
Bob:Ohh really? Did you find a mate?
Kyle: Yeah, turns out she was my cousin!
by Redneckification December 20, 2013
Having sexual intercourse with any family member
yeah dude dan told me he was totally rednecking with his cousin jacka
by obey17 March 06, 2010
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