The red soxs are the biggest 'dick' suckin 'losers' in the entire 'universe'....the last time they won a world series was in 1918 omg they won once since then there a bunch of ball suckin jizz lickin 'cock' 'suckers' in the history of sports,.....and if ur a red sox fan ur fuckin 'stupid' nd wait u can all go suck somethin
red soxs can suck mah dick...
Suck Yankees cocks
pathetic excuse for human beings
red sox winning this year was an absolute fluke that will NEVER happen again. Yankees are coming back and the curse has NOT been lifted.
by yankee fan November 15, 2004
Biggest chokers in MLB history. A team that blows a 9 1/2 game lead in a month to lose to the orioles in the last game of the season to miss the playoffs.
"Oh man, did you see Carl miss that catch?" "Yeah, he should play for the Red Sox"
by RaysFan91 September 28, 2011
possibly the most hypocritical team in MLB. most of the red sox players look like hobos picked off the street.. and they have the behavior and manners of street hobos too! their fans are the most obnoxious in MLB, and most pathetic, too. they spend more time cheering "YANKEES SUCK!" than they do cheering their own team. and they think that one world series win in 86 YEARS makes them lords of the universe.last time i checked, a team with 6 world series wins and 86 years of choking is not better than a team that has won 26 world series in the past 26 years. if you want to see an excellent baseball team, go about 200 miles southwest to the bronx and go see the yankees.
"wow. i am the best baseball fan in america. my team is the red sox, and they are THE BEST team in all of the world. i assume that each and every person who lives within a 100 mile radius of NYC is low-class, obnoxious, and ignorant. i don't realize that all those things really just apply to myself. but don't tell me any negative things about my team! if you do, you automatically SUCK. i can't listen to ANYTHING you people say, because i'm narrow-minded and snobby. oh, yeah, i forgot- 'YANKEES SUCK!' ha ha. that's the only thing i know how to say when i'm at fenway pahhkk. the red sox are wicked ahhhhsome!"
by yankees fan for life January 15, 2005
The most annoying baseball team in existence.

Their fans are by far the most ignorant, obnoxious, retards in the face of sports. 99% are a bunch of idiots who jumped on the bandwagon in 04. They wear greasy, faded hats, try to act like they're Irish by wearing a lot of green, and always try to grow a goatee or some kind of fucked up beard.

Their whole organization are a bunch of hypocrites. They constantly insult the Yankees by calling them "The Evil Empire" and pointing to the fact that the Yankees spend money. They do this despite the fact that they have the second highest payroll in baseball and spend more money on shitty, overrated players (can you say JD Drew???) than any other team.

Their team is made up of a bunch of overrated, overpaid bastards. Two of them biggest pieces of shit in baseball: Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. These two have to be the ugliest guys in baseball - Ramirez with his disgusting, nappy dreadlocks and doo rag, and Ortiz's fat, slow ass with a fucked up pencil thin beard. He also has one of the nastiest gaps in his teeth I've ever seen. Jason Varitek acts like he's some kind of bad ass because he faught A-Rod with all his protective equipment on. He also is a average at best catcher and a shitty hitter. Despite this, the Red Sox made him team "captain" because no other teams wanted his sorry ass when he was a free agent.

In short, they are the worst, most overrated, annoying team in the history of sports.
Ignorant Red Sox Fan: 'Man I love the red sox! they're so good'

Real basbeall fan: 'Will you Red Sox and Yankee fans please stfu?'
by ERAU Nigga January 13, 2008
best team in sports. Bottom line.
The Yanks can go rub dongs with their daddies.
no team better than the sox
by Bouch March 02, 2005
The most kick ass baseball team in the hisory of the universe!! The 2004 team managed to come back from a 3-0 deficit against the yankees during the play offs, and swept the cards in the actual series..... first time they won in E-I-G-H-T-Y S-I-X YEARS!!!!!
2004 Red Sox Spanked the Yanks, and Folded the Cards!
by Koala Beer October 30, 2004

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