a passe term that most folks would like to dispense with - bringing to mind smelly fish. A pretentious saying that only pundits and a-holes use.
He brought up the term "red herring" in a conversation and his entourage looked at one another like he had leprosy.
by Susan Robb September 23, 2009
A girl's excuse to not engage in intercourse because she feels as if she might be getting her red tide soon. This is the equivalent of the logical fallacy.
Yeah dude we ended up having sex even though she attempted to give me the "red herring" excuse.
by My-Cole July 10, 2008
a slang phrase used to describe a girls pussy when she is having her period and it also stinks like a dead fish.
I was gonna fuck my girl last night, but she's got a nasty case of red herring.
by suppio January 18, 2008
you cum in a girls eyes then you hit her in the nose with a rowing oar. causing her nose to bleed everywhere and flop around like a fish.

Side effects: broken nose, blindness, and/or death
In the Red Herring, Seth cummed in the girl's eyes while brian hit her with a rowing oar, resulting in an emergency room trip for the girl and tons of laughter for seth and brian.

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