A baseball team who have finally been able to win a world series in the time the yankees were able to win 26. And a team who have also blamed the fact that they suck on a "curse".
(86 years later)
by asdf2222 August 18, 2005
A disappointing and inferior baseball team from Boston that is supported by mostly low class but persistent Irish fans extremely bitter from generations of losing to New York.
Come on Sox fans. You know it's true...
by George Steinbrenner July 18, 2005
The best team in baseball. Won the 2004 WORLD SERIES and will win the next 10 years! You have to no every stat and everything that goes on!
The SOX are the best team in baseball!
by Dorfy May 02, 2005
Currently AHEAD of the new york phlunkies HAhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
2 games ahead, so waht now? Please don't cry, you can give sheffield a hug...
by Dan Charron April 17, 2005
A team that believes that winning one World Championship in 86 years validates the idea that they are better than a team that has won 26 titles over that same period of time.
Congratulations Red Sox, you now have half the amount of World Series Titles as the Florida Marlins over the last 86 seasons.
by Randy Johnson January 25, 2005
The team around which www.talksox.com revolves.

It also happens to be the most storied franchise in sports history.
We talk about the Red Sox online.
by Johnathan June 13, 2004
A baseball team based in Boston, Mass., the majority of whom's fanbase spend most of their adult lives creating petty media in the forms of websites, blogs, signs and chants to mock fans and players of the New York Yankees, the statisticly superior organization. The archtypical "annoying little brother" of major league baseball, the team and it's fanbase carry a sense of extreme unsubstanciated egoism, similiar but converse to that of Yankee fans.
If the YANKEES, WHITE SOX, and PADRES were sitting in a bar, just chillin' having a drink.
WHITE SOX: Oh shit, is that RED SOX coming through the door?
YANKEES: Fuck! :: hides face in hands:: Don't look at him and he'll probably leave us alone.
WHITE SOX: What? I think RED SOX is cool, c'mon look at him with his long hair and shabby sense of charisma. I mean you'd never realize that they are just as rigid and bureaucratic a person as you YANKEE.
PADRES: Dude, you clearly don't know him very well, that guy is such an asshole. Oh shit! He spotted us, here he comes.
REDSOX: Hey Dingleberries...hahaha. What are you losers doing here, fag convention? HAHA Im so funny and smart.
YANKEES: Yes you certinly are, RED, well, we were just sitting here trying to catch up over a few drinks and then I'm supposed meet up with the women's U.S. soccer team and go see some jazz.
REDSOX: Yeaaaa sounds fun...NOT!! hahaha Well I'm heading over to that frat party at UCLA's, were gonna get a keg and get fuckedd upp!! WOOO!!!
PADRES: Hanging out with college teams tonite?
REDSOX: Yea man its gonna be a great fucking time!!! Well I'm gonna run, all that Keystone Light aint gonna drink itself! Smell ya later LOSERSSS!! hahaha
WHITESOX: Oh man, I never realized what a stupid asshole he is.
PADRES: Yea well now you know.
YANKEES: Yea man, It's times like this that I really regret staying out and doing coke all night with those teams from the Lingerie Bowl during the 2004 ALCS.
by R.F.G. November 11, 2007
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