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Having sex with a woman while she is on her period.
"They're upstairs doing it"
"I thought he said she was on her period"
"I guess it's a Red River Shootout"
by drohrich March 05, 2007
14 5
When a guy fucks a girl who is on the rag (menstruating)

(His semen shoots at her red river)
The annual Oklahoma vs. Texas football game is NOT the Red River Shootout; it's the Red River Rivalry!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
12 4
A game played once a year in which Oklahoma makes themselves feel good by beating a badly coached Mack Brown team before subsequently losing to someone else in their conference championship and/or a bowl game.
"Wow, Oklahoma really beat Texas good in that Red River Shootou redneck fest."
"Yeah, guess it was nice until Kansas St. and LSU dirt rolled them."
by mickeyfickey December 30, 2004
3 22
1. the annual meeting of Oklahoma vs. Texas in football at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The stadium is half crimson and half burnt orange.

2. the asskickin' Oklahoma gives Texas every year.

3. something Mack Brown and the rest of the Texas Shorthorns fear every year.

4. a annual embarassment for Texas.
Oklahoma will continue to dominate the Red River Shootout as long as Mack Brown is the coach of Texas.
by Kevin July 27, 2004
13 43