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The female gynecological event of getting your period twice in one calendar month.
We had two full moons in July which is called a "blue moon" and I got a "red moon" when I got my period on the 1st of the month and on the 29th!!!
by Lori Jean March 07, 2008
One of the pre-eminant Horde Guilds on the World of Warcraft server Hellscream.
Dood, joo seen that Red Moon Guild? They fooking pwn!
by Dave Robertshaw (Keris) November 14, 2006
a word used to show LAG, d/c and lack of help.
Is your computer being redmoon again ??
by OMighty1K June 23, 2003
A word used instead of "blue moon" due to the fact "blue moon" is a cliche. Same definition as blue moon. Rarely.
She'll clean her room once in a red moon!
by Mr. Anderson October 10, 2004
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