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A restaurant you order a meal at solely to get the cheddar biscuits.
-------Boondocks Reference-------
Riley: Grandad don't take that ho to Red Lobster
Riley: Wit da chedda biscuitz, no grandad!

Guy: Ummh, this biscuits are so good
Girl: I know, the orgasm they give me surpass anything you have
by hdevonxz July 19, 2006
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Legal Seafood for Black People
White guy: I went to legal seafood the other day. It was quite tasty.
Black guy: Maaaayng, I went to reyt lobsta (Red Lobster) d'udduh day. Iz gewd! Fo SHO! my baby mamma, she love dem skrimp! And iz a classy joint meng!
by tewkewl February 10, 2011
When her junk smells like fish, and she serves crabs.
Julie is such a red lobster.
by Liz86 November 01, 2010
A place that sells Skrimps. Often pronouced "Red Lobska"
Imma be gonna to da Red Lobster fo sum skrimps
by skrimps10 July 27, 2010
A case of any variation of herpes, hpv, syphillis, crabs, etc contracted by a circle of waitresses that catch and spread the stds from the kitchen help.
Stay away from the local restaurant crews if you'd rather not have a Red Lobster.
by twirderdy February 09, 2012
When a man penetrates a menstraiting woman, then pulls out and slaps her in the chest and orgasming at the same time, thus leaving a red "lobster" shape and a buttery finish
"Jane is super freaky, she asked my dad to give her a red lobster"
by Kyle Tarrant August 09, 2007
Often reffered to as "ghetto seafood". A place where rednecks, uneducated, ghetto, and often illiterate people go on special occasions, birthdays, aniversarries, weddings. Redlobster is a restaurant which specializes in serving food to the lower portion of society which is why they serve what customers reffer to as, "fried skrimps" with "smashed pertaters". If fathers day is the most confusing holiday for you, or if your entire extended family consists of five people which live in the same double-wide, your favorite restaurant is most likely red lobster.
"Hey hunny happy aniverarry were going to red lobster!!!"

"I want fried skrimps and katchurp with smashed pertators!"

"Keep the buds coming the drunker i get the more romaterk it gets."

"That boy done serve us good whats a good tip on 70, 2 dollars! we cant all be millionianares!!!"
by Rob Byrd July 20, 2006

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