A complete douche of a Miami Heat fan. Possibly 12 years old, he started following the Heat when they traded for Shaq, but pretends to be a knowledgeable NBA fan. He is also known as having the longest message board signature in the history of the merking internet, complete with incoherent quotes and ramblings.

He was recently OWNED by OrlandoMagic.com message board users after stupidly trying to take all of them on. He was relentlessly pounded for page after page with hilarious pictures and comments. His anger is undoubtedly due to the Magic’s 8 game lead over the Heat a mere 4 weeks into the NBA season

Magic Fans such as Jereth Cutestory, Marc Acres 3:16, DJMase20, Hutchence, Drunk on Mystery, Athena, WPMagic and more, were all in on the action.
(Red Lion) see MiamiHeat.com for more
by djmase20 November 30, 2007
Top Definition
A town where the most violence goes down within the school district.
The home of some cheap-ass mother who couldn't get her son into college without altering his transcript and SAT scores.
Who got shot in Red Lion today?
by Lance Shitlips December 31, 2007
The most racially diverse town in all of Pennsylvania, made up of rednecks and African-Americans, and barely any others. The schools are always filled with theft and murders.
Rob: Red Lion is a piece of shit town, why do I live here?
Kate: Because you're a black redneck.
Rob: Oh yeah.
by Asshole_Steve March 11, 2011
A really nasty downtrodden pub in Tredegar. Customer personal safety there is unimportant, and health and safety issues are simply brushed under the carpet. This pub also bars law-abiding customers.
Where are you going wearing all that body armour?

It's all ok, I'm just off to the Red Lion for a couple of pints of beer.
by Chris Tredegar October 29, 2006
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