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A pedal bicycle or tricycle ridden in a seated or laying down position. A recumbent is far more comfortable than the conventinal upright bicycle and racing models have far supirior aerodynamics allowing them to attain much higher speeds for a given effort level. Recumbents were banned from major races in 1934 due to the fact they give the riders an unfair advantage.

Recumbents are commonly referred to as 'bents for short (don't forget the apostrophe)
I am going for a ride on my recumbent.
by 'Bent Triker December 19, 2004
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An extremely boring design for a bicycle. Unlike traditional bicycles, which feature an upright, centered, and active riding position, recumbent bicycles have riders sit on their respective asses. The sole benefit of a recumbent bicycle is aerodynamics. Bunnyhops, cutties, drifts, and manuals, or in other words, any technique remotely fun or interesting on a bicycle is impossible on a recumbent.
Hey Tom, if you ever catch me riding a recumbent, you have permission to beat my ass.
by 3amigos November 05, 2007
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an alternate phrase used by the mostest..eloquent of ebonically speaking an alternative to ..yo yo dog..i be chillin...
i.e. yo yo dog i be all recumbent n shyt..
by florence bearrunner August 13, 2007
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