A man who pursues adventures, escapades, or shenanigans in the rectal area of another man. Also may be used to describe the "double life" of a man who is married with kids, but secretly is a butt pirate with other men at night and on business trips
John is so obviously a rectal ranger. I mean, hes more addicted to ass than one of those scat freaks!
by The Dizzle with the Wizzles! March 17, 2003
Top Definition
(n.) Sl.
1. One who persues anal sex for sexual pleasure or curiosity.
2. A homosexual male.
3. A proctologist.

This term may have come about after the likes of 2005's Brokeback Mountain--a film that depicts gay sex as a more pastoral undertaking.

"Rectal Ranger" can first be sited in 2005's Pretty Persuasion soon after Brokeback Mountains debut:

"These teachers, you know, hear it--these fucking dykes, lesbians, these feminists in the school system with their rectal-ranger buddies, you know; 'oh, it's the parents' fault, it's the upbringing.' Right. As if, what, kids couldn't inherently be fucking complete assholes on their own?"
Susie: "I bet you and your rectal ranger buddies always know how to pass the time when you're hunting for deer."

Bob: "...shut up...we don't have sex."
by scootie November 20, 2006
A person usually male who likes to have fun via other mens anal passage. inserting himself into the rear, therefore making him a rectal ranger. Sometimes used as an insult to a straight guy, another word for gay or queer.
"Shut the fuck up Eddie you're such a rectal ranger.
by Eamer December 08, 2004
a booty snatch'n gay top
John is such a Rectal Ranger when he is in the club lookin for some ass
by BabyBluesLookin March 25, 2005
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