Why does it always have to be ridiculous?! I'm just saying....
a) Jessica Simpson really needs to get a life...!
b) I know, she's recockulous!
by awesomesauce01 November 28, 2009
ourageous, absurd, surprising

Instead of using "ridiculous" a comical twist is applied and a person may replace the audible sound, 'dic' with 'cock'

thus pronouncing it ruh-cOck-yoo-luhs, it has the same definition as ridiculous.

Also known as "redonkulous"
My parking ticket was $30! That's just recockulous!

by fronsay April 10, 2009
It's even more rediculous
You fucked your mom's best friend!? That's so recockulous.
by DrRockso March 18, 2009
when someone is acting like a dumbass!
Wow, ali stop being so fucking recockulous geeeeez
by sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuut February 15, 2009
ridiculous, only completely badass. much like if ridiculous took steroids and HGH while using a beaver tranquilizer all at the same time. BYAH!!!
Dude, that dump was recockulous!!! It was like the power dump from the ninth level of hell!!!
by HOWNOWBROWNCOW88 August 01, 2008
A subject that is beyond ridiculous
Brittney Spears having kids is Recockulous
by Brady Fleischacker October 20, 2007
An even that is so crazy it goes far beyond being rediculous.
"I'm telling you man, Austin's party was recockulous."
by Kampin' Karl August 09, 2007

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