An even that is so crazy it goes far beyond being rediculous.
"I'm telling you man, Austin's party was recockulous."
by Kampin' Karl August 09, 2007
adverb- to describe in an insulting fashion the specifics fo someones junk.

explitive- to exclaim/drive your point home
1)Yah, my girl told me about that dudes junk; she said it was like three and a half inches of ROCK! Totally recockulous.

2)You saw THAT! It was fuckin' RECOCKULOUS!
by No.One fake August 06, 2006
A full 12" beyond the current situation.

Originally heard in March 1997 on Loveline (Adam Corolla). Unknown meaning at time. Have since elaborated on the definition with help from Dominion members: The Destructor, The Angel, Your Lord and Master, The Instigator and me: Keebler, The Woodland Creature.
To say something is coffee can size, is recockulous.

Example Physical
*Thats recockulous!I won't jump off that, there's water below*
Example Justifiable
*Omg thats recockulous, don't put that in me!*
Example Mental
*Thats recockulous, I desesrve more.*
by Keebler October 24, 2004
crazy; insane; beyond belief
When Suzie described Johnny O's large weenus, she claimed she did not slobber on it. That's recockulous.
by ree-cawk-u-luss September 03, 2003
Another way to say re-fucking-diculous
My boss is absolutely recockulous!
by Jenny Tay June 24, 2003
rediculous beyond belief, often in a good way
This new triple chambered water bong you got is recockulous!
by Dan April 28, 2003
extremely ridiculous
Jill Nedved's 7 foot inflatable boyfriend is recockulous.
by Adolf Oliver Bush April 13, 2003

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