When a bar and/or restaurant asks to see your ID, even when you are very obviously over the age of twenty one. For instance, if you see a man in his late sixties being asked to show his driver's licence to buy a Bud Light.
Server: "Excuse me sir, may I see your ID."
Customer: "I'm seventy-two...I can guarantee you I'm old enough to drink."
Server: "Yes, I know, but it's company policy."
Customer: "This is recarded."
by Clarington Hedgewater September 20, 2011
Top Definition
Anyone who knows nothing about cars or car maintenance
"I can't even pop my hood! I'm completely recarded!"
by balzac dog of doom November 26, 2014
Being of mental defect ,plain ignorance, or stupidity. Originating in a popular pokemon stream, it was a misspelling of "retarded" that became common.
With all these newfags, things just got fucking recarded.
by Elechode July 09, 2010
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