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1) n. a person who claims to be rebelling against the status quo, but actually conforms to it; Hot Topic shoppers who think they're different, Avril fans who think they're punk, Clear Channel listeners who describe their taste in music as "edgy" or "alternative".

2) n. a person whose actions belie their oft-stated, self-righteous beliefs; anti-fur vegetarians who wear leather shoes, tree-huggers who drive hummers, abstinence-only fundies who have to get married because they're pregnant.
Check out that rebel without a clue, he forgot to remove the Hot Topic tag from his pre-distressed punk jacket.
by miss_mae September 12, 2003
Rebels without brains are:
-Rich bitches who have no sense of the culture of Punk Rock as a whole and have no clue where it originates from. They only see it as a style rather than this lost lifestyle.(I blame the fashion industry)
-Pseudo-vigilantes who have no clue what they're rebelling against as a blind drunk runs aimlessly towards battle. No goal, no purpose. Just flat-out stupid. Usually do not know what anarchy consists of. And are usually Mormons who listen to The Used and other mainstream sort of bands.
Bitch1:Yo, this music is so raw, it's like saying "fuck you" to the cooperate world!
Bitch2:Your cell phone's ringing...
by schmuck October 26, 2003
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