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3 definitions by miss_mae

n. what you and all the other soccer moms will have to start doing to pay the gas bill for your ginormous SUV. Pucker up, beeyotch.
by miss_mae September 12, 2003
1) n. a person who claims to be rebelling against the status quo, but actually conforms to it; Hot Topic shoppers who think they're different, Avril fans who think they're punk, Clear Channel listeners who describe their taste in music as "edgy" or "alternative".

2) n. a person whose actions belie their oft-stated, self-righteous beliefs; anti-fur vegetarians who wear leather shoes, tree-huggers who drive hummers, abstinence-only fundies who have to get married because they're pregnant.
Check out that rebel without a clue, he forgot to remove the Hot Topic tag from his pre-distressed punk jacket.
by miss_mae September 12, 2003
A nationwide chain store that cannily markets pre-packaged "individuality" to droves of teenagers and young people who really want to be just like everybody else. A big hit with fans of Avril, Evanessence, etc.
Today's Hot Topic: The irony inherant in teens who buy their entire look from a nationwide chain store in order "to be different".
by miss_mae September 12, 2003