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A woman with both intelligence and sex appeal that uses these skills to manipulate poor helpless men into doing what she wants. May cause death.
She's a femme fatale.
by schmuck October 15, 2003
The best book ever.
Cynical, witty, classic.
Any open-minded individual can relate to Holden in their past or in their own life as of now.
An absolute masterpiece.
J.D. Salinger rocks my socks off, man.
by Schmuck December 09, 2003
is like a master keeping the bone from the mouth watering dog
i like herm but she is my unrequited.
by schmuck July 03, 2004
Oddest, most kickass movie.
Alex is a stud.
Alex:No time for the ol' in and out, love! I've just come to read the meter.
by Schmuck November 20, 2003
(1) The useless bit of skin thrown away during circumcision.

(2) Anybody that is equally as useful as (1)
He's just a total cocknozzle.
by Schmuck July 07, 2003
A room in Habbo Hotel that resembles a pixelated pesenation center (a stage and an audience) where the same drab deadbeat avatars or "Habbos" stand in corners of the room(making sure their Habbo Club wardrobe fits their oh so morbid personality PERFECTLY). Many of these ennui-filled habbos coming from the United Kingdom as well as the United States. Usually filled with shouting from one end of the room to the other whilist greeting another by sh;itting out and overkilling heart emoticons (shift + \). And the always expected microphone hoggage where individuals begin singing anything that comes from the assorted 'NOW 12' album and dancing the ever-popular habbo dance which involves shuffling your feet, moving your arms up and down, and moving your head from left to right.(Habbos are multi-tasking fools, you see) An everyday pixelated Days of Our Lives drama/nightmare.
Truly an amusement for all.
"I'm DaRk,I lIkE bUnNiEs HeHe!^_^, CuRsE rAnDoMs!11 I aM A hArDcOrE hAbBo!!1 OmG WhO rAtEd Me A nUt-NuT oN fAcEpArTy??!1"
by schmuck December 29, 2003
Ya' know..
I am the walrus. Coo-coo kachoo!
by Schmuck November 20, 2003

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