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an awesome band from england who play a fresh new sound and are quite new but still sell out gigs.
girl:OMG!!! your the guitaerist from reasonable intent!!
adam:hey! how it going
girl: i love you
adam:not again
#rock #punk #alternative #fresh #cute
by fan man June 30, 2006
an awesome band formed by Terry bass and vocals
adamlead guitar and vocals marcus (why is he there?)
and nialldrums there play alot of punk rock and carry alot of death
like blink 182 but less retarded
dude1: dude2 man i got tickets the reasonable intent!
and u can come!
dude2: omg ty so much!
dude1: but u gotta suck my thang first!
dude2: fair trade
#punk #punkrock #anarchy #real #rock
by dude2 May 16, 2006
the best punk rock band i have ever heard.
Dude1: man i got 2 tickets to Reasonable Intent!!!!!!!!
Dude2: Dude u rock!!! can i come ?????
Dude1: yea but u gotta suck my dick first.
Dude2: Oh hell yeah!
#rock #punk #punk rock #bass #drums #guitar.
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