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someone's part of body they sit on; butt.
Look at that girls big rear end.
by boogerhead November 21, 2005
55 10
To have sex such that the partner is positioned from behind.
A girl bragging to her friends: "I got rear ended by my boyfriend last night. It was exciting!"
by veggieduck September 24, 2006
37 19
1. the posterior end of something

2. the buttocks

3. for one car to back into another
Ow, my rear end just got hit.
by The return of light Joker October 17, 2007
25 8
When you back into an object with a vehicle.
Hey, dude you just rear end that Lotus Elise behind you?
by Oddjobguy147 June 14, 2006
23 12
at the very end of something; such as a line.
I hate being at the rear end of a line.
by boogerhead November 21, 2005
16 10