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5 definitions by veggieduck

Mint On Card. This is used to refer to an item packaged in a blister and cardboard type package that has not been opened.
This toy is worth $30 if MOC, but only $15 if loose.
by veggieduck February 11, 2006
55 15
To have sex such that the partner is positioned from behind.
A girl bragging to her friends: "I got rear ended by my boyfriend last night. It was exciting!"
by veggieduck September 24, 2006
37 19
Sleep pill, much like Ambien. Some say it also adds butterflies to your dream.
Give me Lunesta or give me death. I don't want Ambien.
by veggieduck February 11, 2006
38 23
A plant-derived illegal substance used in a party, such as marijuana.
Hey dude, I got us some festive greens!
by veggieduck September 24, 2006
0 8
A person who surrenders his/her life to the parent of the opposite sex. He/she has a sexual relationship with this parent, and his/her life depends on the promises of this parent.
That goodie-two-shoes is mentally incompatible to build his own family because he is so fucked up by his mother!
by veggieduck September 24, 2006
29 475