a lousy media player that tries to make itself at home on your computer too much, you can argue that this is even worse than Windows Media Player. The only possible redeeming quality is that you can download videos with it, heck even that has limitations (i.e. you can't download copyrighted stuff) and the stuff you downloaded can be watched on VLC. There's another possible redeeming quality, the proprietary file extensions (RM & RMVB) is compressed and can be watched on VLC.
realplayer loads too slow and it crashes my comp at times
by extreme133 June 18, 2010
A great multimedia player with a lot of features. Plays almost each media format, including AAC, DVD and etc. Has a great media library, it's excelent for burning and ripping CDs.

The player is underrated, because of its past. The current version does not contain any tracking software or spyware.

mp3 iTunes aac Windows Media Player WinAmp QuickTime RealOne
With RealPlayer, you have the power to play anything
by die_kleine_ziege May 06, 2007
A popular, free media player for the computer. Made by Version 10 is their newest I believe and it works fine.

I actually find it to load songs in about 4 or 5 seconds (I didn't think that's much time at all), spam and upgrade suggestions are rare, and I can't even think of a time that I've gotten a pop-up. Some files do seem to play better than others, but it doesn't seem to be anything significant usually. Anyway, I listen to music pretty much on an hourly basis and half of the time, it's from audio saved in my realplayer.
Right now, my Realplayer is playing One More Minute by Authority Zero.
by jusork March 04, 2005

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