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One of the most obnoxious media players on the planet. Developed by RealMedia, who obviously don\'t know what they\'re doing. Riddled with spyware, opens as fast as a sloth on depressants. Video compression is beyond horrible, don\'t know why anyone still use this obsolete media player.

If you must use RealPlayer, use REALALTERNATIVE and get rid of all that AOL spam that pops up.
Man, another .rm file? >delete, empty recycle bin.
by Maceart April 26, 2005
AIR is the second game made my Key games. A Dating sim, or an H-game, many people says this was better than it's predecessor Kanon, mainly for its focused storyline on relationships and not on romantic love or sex.

Also a 12 episode anime series starting in January 2005.
Have you watched AIR episode 1 today?
by Maceart January 09, 2005
Tomorrows Technology Today. An awesome club at San Ramon Valley High School that maintains crappy iMacs in the S4 classroom and make them work into an 8 player LAN party.
Dude, the T3 club installed Starcraft, Diablo II, and Counter-strike on the imacs! How did they do that?
by Maceart May 29, 2005
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