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Not as bad as people say it is. when people discribe it they be negative, leaving out good things like shaefers farm. Some people just don't get Readington's nice environment.
Hey, lets go to the fright fest in readington tonight!
by heyhey6 November 30, 2011
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a place in the middle of freaking nowhere in NJ that consists of a post office, a crappy strip mall, an orthodontist, and some random fucking restaurants. don't even get me fucking started on the kids that live there.

almost everyone in this town lives in a cult neighborhood called cushatunk. half of these people are druggies. the other half, well, no one really cares about them.

almost every one in the middle school is wacked out on drugs and has sex at a young age. people throw each other out of windows and there are fights on a regular basis. there is a large population of bisexual/lesbian girls in readington who all have lesbian sex in the bathrooms between classes.

they go to hunterdon central high school. At Central, if you're not an AP kid, it's so easy to fall behind or be ignored. The grading system is crazy and you're sure it's screwed you over for life. Also, you don't know half the people in your grade and you're sure they don't know you.

if you want to hang out with your friends somewhere besides the non-existant center of town then you have to either drive 20 minutes to Flemington or 30 minutes to the Bridgewater Mall.

do yourselves a favor and don't even consider coming here. you'll hate yourself forever if you do.
1: hey, let's go to readington!
2: hey, let's shove forks in our eyes!

readington kid: hey let's go hang out at cushatunk!
flemington kid: lol no.
by caaildlaine2014 August 15, 2011
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