Top Definition
A Random-Boner-Moment

i.e. Getting a boner for no reason whatsoever.
I had an RBM in class the other day
by k3nn7 November 11, 2009
This word means "Raped By Men"
Tim's being rbm again.
by Agustus Gibbins September 30, 2004
acronym for raped by men

status given to a person who has been and/or is often raped by men
They rape Tim because he's RBM. And he's RBM because they rape him.
by Demosthenes October 04, 2004
Random Black Man; usually found in parties around college campuses. Can often be found dancing shirtless near the stereo after only a few drinks. Nobody at the party knows this man, making his blackish presence random.
Partier 1: Dude, who's that shirtless nig dancing near the stereo?

Partier 2: I don't know, looks likes an RBM to me.

Partier 1: Quick, hide the Hennessey!
by APeezy716 December 08, 2008
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