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"revolutionary but gangsta"
coined by dead prez to refer to an enlightened, politically active young african american man lives the thug life yet is committed to a greater political cause.
shit, that negro is rbg - i seen him reading trotsky while he was cleanign his nine.
by MC Sokrates March 20, 2004
Abbreviation which stands for colors Red, Black and Green, the Pan-African and Black Liberation Flag.

This flag was adopted by the members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA) at their convention held in Madison Square Garden on August 13, 1920.

The three colors represent:

red: the blood that unites all people of African ancestry, and shed for liberation;
black: black people whose existence as a nation, though not a nation-state, is affirmed by the existence of the flag; and
green: the abundant natural wealth of Africa.

Info taken from Wikipedia.
First of all, RBG means RED BLACK AND GREEN and you gotta know it!
by 2JB August 29, 2006
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, justice of the Supreme Court of the US.
Hey, isn't RBG an amazing woman?
by sparveriuss February 10, 2015
real black girl

1. a black girl that is politically conscious, and does what she can for the progression of her race, a term coined by Dead Prez

2. a black girl that aint bout bullshit

3. opposite of a hoe
1. man: Damn, didnt you just read the autobiography of Malcolm X last week.
woman: i try to be as much an rbg as possible

2. man 1:Yo man, homegirl is really doin her right now.
man 2:Yea man, she a rbg.

3. Damn that ass is fat! I'd go holla but she a rbg.
by 609_yung prophet_609 November 30, 2006
red bull girls!!
damn did you see those sexy girls in the car with the giant red bull can on top! i love the RBGs!
by sugarnspice! April 13, 2011
A gang that stands for Revolutionary But Gangsta.
He is in RBG.
by SLEKA49ER March 01, 2009
The one Random Black Guy everyone has as friend to prove that they aren't racist bastards!
Tim: Hey i'm bringing my friend Shaq to the party tonight!

Phil: Damn man, we already invited Kobe as the rbg.

Tim: Damn, Shit, dats Whack!
by Kyizen February 16, 2004

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