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The place the dark land of Mordor was based on. With it's grey sky and freezing cold weather, and abundance of college students being a Wes. It's people just pray it's not going to snow in June which it always does.
The capital of New York State is Albany
by Kyizen February 09, 2004
A M.U.F.F. that just won't leave you alone after she's been obviously used just as a slump buster.
Oh my god, get it off get it off get it...ayieeeeeeeeeeeee

Wes - Damn you woman, the coach no longer benches me, now let me put down my axe!
by Kyizen February 15, 2004
The one Random Black Guy everyone has as friend to prove that they aren't racist bastards!
Tim: Hey i'm bringing my friend Shaq to the party tonight!

Phil: Damn man, we already invited Kobe as the rbg.

Tim: Damn, Shit, dats Whack!
by Kyizen February 16, 2004

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