Roast beef danglers.
Due to the steady flow of girls getting bored out all across the country, a now known symptom known as RBD's, seems to be prevelant among young women.
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
Top Definition
stands for "rather be drinking"!!!
example #1
jane: "i so don't want to be at lacrosse practice right now!"
ashley: "RBD!!!"
example #2
jim: "let's go to the movies."
tom: "not if you wanna go RBD tonight."
by Rachel12345678 May 23, 2006
One who is a rebel or is rebelious. A person who has his or ger own style and doesn't care what others say. Referring to the abreviation coming from the Mexican soap opera "Rebelde."
I untied my shirt and loosend my tie to look rebelious and RBD.
by RBD July 06, 2005
Abbreviation for "Roast Beef Dangler." Used most commonly to ridicule someone regarding their overall level of uselessness. Derivations and alternatives include the noun "Dangler" or the adjective / verb "dangling." Can be modified to include any number of new forms, such as dangle-box, etc.
"What are you up to, R.B.D.?"
"Hey dangler, you wanna go to the bar tonight?"
"When are you going to get your dangling ass over here so we can leave?"
by Mitchellson July 13, 2006
Really Big Douche
Matt G was an RBD when he told me that puggles weren't real dogs.
by PuggleChick October 13, 2009
Commonly seen in Modern Warefare 3 Clantags. Stand for 'Randal's Big Dick'
"Hey! Wanna join RBD?"
"Naw nigga! Dats gey!"
by HotStongBlackMan December 26, 2011
Random Boner Dissease- a common occurence in males, especially afro-american men, to get an erection for almost no reason at all just because you're a man.
I was trying to study for a test when I was stricken with RBD
by lawmenship May 02, 2011
real big dick
friend 1: hey did you see his rbd?
friend 2: yeah man anaconda status!
by aramercedesbenz August 09, 2008
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