Random Bar Douchebag.

You know you've run into that one person at the bar that won't stfu. Mostly hangs around the pool tables.
That ass clown was the loudest RBD I've ever run in to.
by confused citizen November 11, 2010
Name of a gang from the people nation. Stands for "Red, Blooded Dragons" for a Chinese gang or Red Blooded Demons/Devils for others.
YOu those people are from the R.B.D
by UNCTarHeel612 January 31, 2005
Rug Burn Dick, when someone sucks ur dick so long that you get rug burn marks on your dick.
"Yo i got mad pain on my dick man."
"Cause Shibby last night i caught RBD from your mom."
by DylanB189 February 08, 2009
gettin' RBD refurrs to "Root beer drunk" which is an effect of too much root beer. the results are as follows:
1. extreamly silly behavior
2. everything is funny
3. people question your sanity
4. pure stupidity

"RBD" is pronounced the same as the word "rubbed". The word has a rap written about it.
Gettin RBD in the hood on the stoop on the street and we said that we would laugh at anyone we meet, meet, meet, meet...
by mkrulz October 06, 2007
rather be drinking! can also mean drinking itself, a drink, a drunk person, or a bar. basically it refers to any noun related to drinking.
friend #1: "lets get hammered."

friend #2: "theres an RBD around the corner."
friend #2: "here have an RBD."
friend #2: "youre such an RBDaholic"
friend #2: "yea, RBD."
friend #2: "shouldnt we have breakfast first?"
by santa RBD July 12, 2006
Roast beef danglers.
Due to the steady flow of girls getting bored out all across the country, a now known symptom known as RBD's, seems to be prevelant among young women.
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
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