A person who's sharp on both sides. Kind of like two-faced but far more dangerous. A person who is a razor or razor blade will cut you with both their good and bad sides. Not to be trusted ever! The Razor always has secret ulterior motives to destroy you.
Person A: Guess what? I was talking to (name) today.

Person B: Oh no! What did you say to (name)? I hope you didn't say anything personal because (name) is a razor and will cut you in a heartbeat!
by NotYourBitch1977 September 03, 2011
adj. A synonym for "cool" first used by Rose McGowan in "Doom Generation", a movie that was so bad that I actually thought it had changed my life forever. Used by people much cooler than you or me.
Abyssx105: My mom doesn't want me to shoot smack into my eye with dirty needles, but fuck her. I'm doing it anyway. Nobody understands me!

JTHMfan442: Razor.
by Alecx Hunter July 19, 2005
refers to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA which is home to the New England Patriots.
The Patriots defeat the Colts in round two of the playoffs at the Razor.
by Orlando Carrillo January 20, 2005
n., Person (usually male) who meticulously submits multiple fake entries to Urbandictionary to prove a logically flawed argument
"Dime Piece? Dude, you're such a razor!"
by crazy88hk December 06, 2012
when a woman slaps your penis on her face and neck after achieving climax from fellatio in order to simulate the act of shaving. She will also rub the ding dong in a circular motion on her cheeks and neck also simulating an electric razor using the flim flam as makeshift shaving cream or lotion.
Linda was razoring her face after a great BJ last night.
by Lando666 June 21, 2007
the only one who can releive stress ...
My razor made me bleed
by Jess S. May 27, 2004
funny bastard aka omar. proper funny guy n he'll tek piss out of n e one n everyone wid u. ur lost without him ;)
razor aap ki gaari kahan gayi??
by da ray-za cru! February 23, 2005
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