#1- v. sexual intercourse without using a condom.

#2- v. The act of masturbating with no pornography.

Dane: "Mary, I don't have a condom."
Mary: "Oh thats OK just stick it in raw dog!"

Mike: "Oh dude my computers been broken for like a week."
Alex: "Shit dude, no porn!?"
Mike: "Nah!"
Alex: "So have you jerked it?"
Mike: "Yeah man, fucking raw dogin it all week."
by fatmann1393 June 30, 2009
a clean, condomless, steamy, piping hot dick ready to fuck a bitch
woman: oh my god just put it in me!!!
man: i cant i seem to be lacking a condom
woman: i dont care! put it in raw dog!!
by chrisbesteadypimpin November 18, 2009
inserting the penis passed the labia into the vagina without the use of a proper contraceptive device
Man#1: So how was last night?
Man#2: Wonderful!! Leanne sure loves that raw doggy!
by lalalasex March 08, 2010
A long attempt at male masturbation, only to be ended without climax and with a highly sensitive or "Raw" dick.
"Aww man i tried spanking it in the shower and all i got was a Raw Dog!"
by Dr. Arkov September 03, 2009
eating food with your hands while shitfaced
"dude, i was so hammered new year's eve I was raw dog-n' that mac 'n cheese right outta the pot"
by ace bradshaw January 04, 2010
to be raw dog.
its funy sometimes to say rawdog

nolans a rawdog
by mommsteezy February 18, 2010
having intercourse doggystyle without a condom
i hit it raw dog last night, and i woke up with bumps on my genitals
by abeovadia12 April 23, 2005

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