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raw dogging is a term generally used for having sexual intercourse with a girl without the presence of a condom/ female dam.

To successfully raw dog a babe, you need to get a boner (some college kids may call it an erection, or a hardened dinky), then after making sure she is fairly wet/lubed up, you get into a position where you can easily, and comfortably insert your firm penis into her wet/lubed vagina. The first insertion is sadly considered a "raw dog", then after you make at least three full insertions, and pull outs, you've successfully raw dogged that babe. This enables you to brag to your lunch table about how you practice "raw dogging".

This may seem very enticing, though it can be risky, perhaps even sketchy. Some things that increase the "sketch" are your partner being a nasty fucking skank, or if she is on her period...and bleeding a lot.

(NOTE: raw dogging may also be associated with rape victims, or people belonging to a Indian reservation.)

Before raw dogging your super hot, carefully selected babe, you may want to have her assure you she is either on birth control, or clean(std free). You may also want the option to shower, or a nice clean towel to wipe off after. It will get very messy, and I assure you body fluids will fly.

It is preferred by many dudes/bros belonging to the condom free youth crew, that pulling out and then cumming on her abdominal region, or boobs is the most logical means of "squeezing her lemons/limes."
cfy guy-"Hey, I really want to have sex with you, I dont like how condoms feel though."

horny girlfriend-"It's okay, lucky for you I'm down with raw dogging."

"condoms? Nevermind, I'm raw dogging her later."

curious nerd-"whats your favorite condom?"
cfy crew kid-"dat bitches wet pussy glazed on mah dick, YEWWKNOWWHATIMSAYYYINNN?"

doctor-"have you had sex within the last month?"
cfyc kid-"umm, sure you can say that."

doctor-"did you use a condom?"
"cfyc kid-"YES, I SURE DID DOCTOR (obviously lying)."

rape victim-"Oh my god, mark! I Got raped last night!"
mark-"WAIT? so you got raw dogged?"

fret dude-"fuck, bro...look at my dick!"
fret dude's bro friend-"*prolonged whistle* wow, that is one raw dog. Take that puppy to the vet."
by snaggletoothnigga November 27, 2009
talking shit covers a wide range of topics. talking for no reason is in fact...talking shit. talking shit could also be called "bashing", or "trash talking".
"sosf are a bunch of pussies, i would totally fucking smash them at a show. too bad they dont like real hardcore."
that is talking shit. whoever says stuff like this is most likelty a stoner, or a scene kid.

"eew dude, brush your fucking teeth. it smells like youre talking straight shit!"

"yeah so i was giving this bitch a rim job, and...*friend interupts* stop talking shit!!!"
by snaggletoothnigga November 26, 2009
Straightedge was an accidental movement sparked by the hardcore punk band minor threat in the 80's. The movement came from the song "straightedge", which of course should be self explanatory. Of course, it has changed immensely over the years.

Straightedge is considered the basic building blocks for self purification by many people who have claimed straightedge themselves. Vegans for the most part could even consider straightedge as their prime reason for opening their eyes to such horrors observed in human/non human animal relationships. The band earth crisis(a vegan straight edge band from Syracuse, NY) wrote a song called "the discipline". In that song they go on to say "straightedge, the discipline, the key to self liberation". This song soon became an anthem for anyone who wasn't a complete fucking waste of life, and those who decided to reach for enlightenment.

A lot of people in the hardcore scene claim that straightedge has saved their lives, meanwhile a large percentage of edge kids are doing it for fashion or to follow a trend. The most militant of the straightedge movement are said to have shit family lives, thus despising everything associated with getting fucked up. We've seen shit as young kids that most people don't see. The true edge kids/hardcore kids alike turn to hardcore for a way out.
awesome guy-"yo were getting wasted later, im gunna take advantage of michelle. she used to love me."

bystander-"walks over, and crack awesome guy in the jaw."

"hey, trying to get high nigggaaa?"
"no dude, I claimed straightedge the other day. I'm fucking done with all this shit."


"hey I kinda like you, but I was scared to talk to you =("
"well duh, you arent even fucking straightedge."

"yo I'm all x'd up, I'm totally ready for this straightedge, beatdown, hardcore, rock-n-roll concert."

"see that bro with the x tat on his face? yeah well I heard he broke edge...thats sick."
by snaggletoothnigga November 27, 2009
Condom free youth(or sometimes called the the "condom free youth crew") is a brotherhood originated in western, new york(716 area code)that hates using condoms. Their main goal is to have unprotected sex with as many virgins as possible(although usually they are not virgins), all of which using the raw dogging method. The crew lives condom free, drug free, god free, and usually even sock free. They all take pride in the fact that their unprotected dogg was inside a girls vulnerable birth canal.

Durring the 1970's most of the condom free youth crew member's penises actually fell off. Most of the 70's to 80's era condom free youth crew founders were unfortunately victims to crack-cocaine and heroin abuse, so they didn't think much about what babes they selected to "get with". To prevent future"dogg rot" cases, it is now mandatory that you are straightedge/hardcore, or have at least one "X" tattoo.

It is extremely controversial as to who actually belongs to the "condom free youth crew", and the actual number is unknown. One must also take into consideration that just because you have been raw dogging a girl, that simply does NOT make you a "member" in the condom free youth crew. As of 2008, the ones who are the most "down" with their crew have been getting "condom free youth crew" tats. The most common spot for the tattoo is across their throat, the second most common spot is actually on their penis.
jerald-"hey dude, see that new trojan commercial?"
hussein-"condom free youth crew man, fuck condies.

ice cream shop dude-"who wants a frosty dick pop!?!?!"
innocent little kid-"YO, ARE YOU IN THE CFYC?"
by snaggletoothnigga November 27, 2009
Vegan ism, is the practice in which you reject the horrors of the slaughterhouse, and the unjust/vile conditions of the factory farms, chicken coops...ext.

this is also known as living cruelty free.

Many vegans find themselves "slipping", or unintentionally ingesting animal products every once in awhile. This is due to them trusting the wrong people, not reading food labels, or not doing proper research.

Veganism isn't just based on diet. Veganism covers your diet, your clothing, your jewlery, your shoes, and your hygene items...and your own mind.

This is an extremely controversial topic, since there is such a widespread range of morals, and possible mindsets.
many people may construe what cruelty free living consists of.
friend)-"hey man, why don't you buy me those horn plugs?"
vegan)-"nah dude, those are fucking horns, that's super sketchy!"

fret dude)-"hey want some fucking milk, faggot?"
vegan)-"I'm going to fucking kill you, I practice veganism because I love the animal kingdom...
Listen to the band chokehold, you fucking dick."

"I was with my boyfriend the other night, and I must say, vegans have way better tasting cum. I love veganism"

"I was at the zoo, and I must admit, the way they treat those animals is gross, I wish everyone lived cruelty free."

"Being someone who practices veganism, I oppose circuses, puppy mills, aquariums, deforestation from loggers, slaughtering, speciesism/racism/sexism, and the human race immensely."

"removed from the cruelty, I'm afraid I'll be living in exile for the rest of my days."
by snaggletoothnigga November 26, 2009

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