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to put forth a lackluster effort.
Gus procrastinated so much on his term paper that he was forced to raw dog it the night before it was due.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
The act of not giving a fuck about consequences, just living life.
Casey: Yo I hit 120 in my car the other day.
"The Raw Dog Crew": Thats so Raw Dog.
by Beerman95601599 June 22, 2011
The nickname of Atlanta Braves 3B Brooks Conrad. Conrad was bestowed this nickname by his predecessor, all around great guy and star of Big Buck Hunter Pro Chipper Jones.
Chip Caray just said Conrad was "rawdoggin it" for the third time this game. what a oblivious douche.
by the guy ladouche September 29, 2010
to undergo a task, paying little attention to detail.
Jon: Hey Betty, would you make me a sandwich?
Betty: Sure, what would you like on it?
Jon: Doesn't matter. Just raw dog it.

Hairdresser: Do you care how I cut your hair?
Samantha: No, just raw dog it, I only have 20 minutes.
by jeffwk July 15, 2010
(verb) To run barefoot.
1. Screw shoes I'd rather raw dog it.

2. I saw a dude rawdogging through midtown manhattan today.
by theduderuns April 11, 2011
#1- v. sexual intercourse without using a condom.

#2- v. The act of masturbating with no pornography.

Dane: "Mary, I don't have a condom."
Mary: "Oh thats OK just stick it in raw dog!"

Mike: "Oh dude my computers been broken for like a week."
Alex: "Shit dude, no porn!?"
Mike: "Nah!"
Alex: "So have you jerked it?"
Mike: "Yeah man, fucking raw dogin it all week."
by fatmann1393 June 30, 2009
a clean, condomless, steamy, piping hot dick ready to fuck a bitch
woman: oh my god just put it in me!!!
man: i cant i seem to be lacking a condom
woman: i dont care! put it in raw dog!!
by chrisbesteadypimpin November 18, 2009