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a modern slang term for a brothel. Or a group of girls dedicated to seeking out cock.
To be successful in the pursuit of cock.
"My god, they are such ravenswoods"
"she is a ravenswood and a half"
"i've never seen such ravenswoods"

"do you reckon she went ravenswood?"
"i think so, she isnt home yet, little slag"

"we went ravenswood on their asses"
by James Wilton-Nesbit May 25, 2006
33 13
When a girl gets absoloutely wasted or throws a complete fit. Normally related to boys.
"Shit, she went absolutely ravenswood last night."
by Edna Davies May 25, 2006
13 9
Comes from the meaning "disabled school", where the pupils within are mentally/physically challenged and handicapped.
that dude is such an idiot, he belongs in ravenswood.
by happyfaaace May 09, 2009
14 13