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Rattlejack: is the ultimate act of doing someone wrong that is close to you, extreme form of being "jacked". When you go out of your way to set up a friend to fail or rat them out to a significant other or acquaintance.
Some examples include texting a friends girlfriend asking her what she is wearing to a wedding that her boyfriend did not tell her about and did not intend on bringing her to or having a bad night out with another couple and before you even end the evening the other couple is getting texts about what a bad time was had by all. The final version of Rattlejacking is self inflicted. An example of self inflicted Rattlejacking would be waking up the morning after a heavy night of drinking to find your new SUV mangled and not remembering how or when it happened but you know you were driving.

"Dude, you really rattlejacked him, why did you order all of those shots on his tab?"
by Jake Bean April 02, 2008
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