to be shaken or stirred from a comment or event that someone has directed at you or someone else. Can be used in a tense where you put rattled with something that can be rattled.
i.e. you rattled my cage
Fabian: yo man, your a cheese ball
Ryan: yo man thats not cool, im slightly rattled
Fabian: yo, im sorry man... JOKES your a whore
Ryan: stop rattling my cage bro
by The Adams Family March 05, 2010
Top Definition
angry and/or upset. a state of unhappiness.
I am venessa Principe and I got rattled when I got hit in the head by a banana.
by Jordan Chong October 26, 2004
can't believe something just happened, shocked, shaken up
"did you see that? that was nuts"
"yeah i did and im so rattled now"
by codddyyy15 March 12, 2010
When you keep bothering someone until they are very upset and they do not realize that you are just kinding around, then you tell them you were joking around and they get even more upset.
Man, we've been pissing Sven off so much. He is soo rattled.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 27, 2005
Upset, Shocked, In disbelief, frustrated, RATTLLEDDD!

Usually occurs when something happens a person did not expect or can't believe happened.
When someone gets rattled be sure to call them out on it, usually receiving a response similar or equal to: I'm not rattled!

Yelling rattled in the person's face or shaking your hand back and forth adds to the effect.
Man, we were playing ... last night and Scott got so rattled after he lost!
by Crossed April 13, 2010
Angry or very pissed off. As if very distraught and not as in the snakes rattler.
I am mike Seib rattled when i got hit in the head with the bike.
by David July 04, 2004
rattled: a negative feeling often associated with anger, hatred, and discomfort.

Some individuals can become rattled when manually provoked by aggrevating events or inviduals. In some extreme cases some individuals can become rattled by simply seeing another individual that they perceive to be aggrevating for various reasons.
Buddy: Hey there Chuck, did you see the hockey game last? Boy did those Leafs blow it again, blah blah blah blah...
Joe: ya right...
(Joe walks away)
Joe: Fucking buddy gets me rattled everytime I see that cock fucker!
Steve: I agree, he's the worst.
by Edsy January 07, 2008
Vanessa Prantera gets rattled when Cam and Andrew sit beside her.
Her face gets red, even though no one talks to her. Rattled...
Right now. Rattled.
by thomasBland October 15, 2010
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