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a small village in northern new mexico. known for its wide availability of drugs.

major employer: dairy queen.
John is from Raton, New Mexico.
by ShannonJubily October 30, 2007
a little nuisance that is probably by definition an 1337 gamer. but if u see a Raton in real life u know that they are small scrawny boys that lack facial hair and range from ages 14-17. Might play video games and do nothing else in life. They may annoy you and when alone they are easy to take down with your fist . however in large groups Ratons can insult u feeling ashamed. beware of sociological torment.
Austin: dude i was playing halo with all these mlg players that were totally owning everyone yet they sound like faggs man. this stupid Raton!!

Tim: yeah thats because they're cocky assholes.

Austin: damn Ratons!
by N of n0v3mBer J August 30, 2009

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