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The latest film from the Disney Pixar studios, characterised by the fact that on the advertising the title is spelt phonetically as an insurance policy against the average American thinking it's a foreign film.
Average American 1: "Shall we go and see Ratatouille"?

Average American 2: "Hell no. That must be a foreign movie with those gay subtitle things. If I wanted to read I'd stay at home and look at a book... Oh hold on I forgot, I can't actually read."
by American Idiot Lover October 07, 2007
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something that sounds like 'rat' and 'patootie', creating a nice plate of 'rat-patootie'; a French peasant stew dish that consists of vegetables such as eggplant and zucchini
Mmmm. Mother's "ratatouille" was magnificent tonight.
by ilikefood787 July 19, 2010
is not slang for anything.
I like to eat ratatouille.
by coelentrate August 27, 2010
Nickname for a hot blonde
Damn, it's ratatouille
Ratatouille is smashing Cameron
Ratatouille goes to HTS
I would love me some ratatouille
by dab dab dab May 14, 2016
a person who is ugly and looks like a rat and calls you mean things (ex:trash can).
brandon: "get off my property you trash can!"
maggie: "f**k you ratatouille!"
by brandon__davidson February 28, 2016
Mid-intercourse, you swap places with a tiny mouse without telling your partner. If done successfully, the move culminates many months later when you start a restaurant with the mouse.
Hey, can I borrow your pet mouse? I want to ratatouille Jennifer tonight.
by nakedy September 25, 2014
is what you yell out when you make a mistake
(miss basketball shot)..... RATATOUILLE!
by tekonsha1 July 24, 2010
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