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Here to Slay
"Dayum son, looks like Shawty is HTS in those pumps."

"HTS this concert."
by rara_boo June 27, 2013
Hit that Sh**!
Carlos:Wow look at that girl"
Andy: You should HTS
by Perrita 22 September 23, 2008
Huge Tits Sagging
When a woman's breasts become so enlarged it is impossible for any bra known to man to keep them held in a decent upright position....therefore, huge tits are sagging or H.T.S.
by yankcranker September 21, 2015
Horny Teenager Syndrome
When one is overwhelmed with horniness, causing them to act as teenagers and have horrible PDA

Kayla: I've got such bad HTS, wanna go make out in the elevator
Jesse: Thatd be deece
by ryEng March 25, 2009
An abbreviation for the popular (legal) hacking community "HackThisSite" at
"How do I do a DOS attack?"
"I don't know, go check out HTS."
by TechnoGuyRob May 09, 2005
An abbreviation for the phrase "hit that shit", meaning, to have sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.
Bo was standing at the bar when he exclaimed "hts!" to his wingman as a smoking hot girl passed by.
by nmp2001 August 28, 2007
Hot Tingling Sensation. The feeling you get when you see someone uber hott. Or someone you're crushing on.
"Whoa, HTS!"
by Link the Amazingness September 04, 2008

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