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your a rEtard for not knowing how to spell this right
your a fucking retard for spelling it ratard
by clearly vauge July 20, 2009
23 70
means the same as the word retard but makes you sound stupid saying it. (From the movie The Hangover)
Someone says something stupid, and you reply with you are a ratard.
by simpatico000 October 05, 2009
216 55
1.) Coined from the movie "The Hangover". The way someone refers to someone else who is stupid when they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are, indeed, the one who is retarded.

2.) Calling someone a retard playfully.
1. (guy 1) You have to be really smart to count cards.

(retard) You tell that to Rain-Man, he almost bankrupted a casino and he was a ra-tard.

(guy 2) Its "retard", you retard.

-Not exactly the movie quote but it gets the job done.

2. (guy saying to some girl-friends (friends that are girls))
I hate you guys.

(girls start to pout)

Girls stop being such ra-tards, you know I love you! :) (smile)
by uisratarded October 30, 2009
25 5
1. Someone that is way cooler than a retard, not a retard.
They are so weird, they are retards. We are ratards.
by joe schmooo January 03, 2008
93 73
michael hughes, david synder,and the guy from the hangover.
that guy is a ra-tard
by Nathan Goodwin December 31, 2009
2 9
Retarded or Mentally Handicapped Rats, Mice or any animal belonging to the rodent family.
You look like a fucking Ratard today. You're behaving like a cocksucking Ratard!
by SmellThat? February 03, 2010
17 46
Dumping a girl that is a lot cooler and and prettier for one who is less pretty and cool.
Did you hear that nick dumped jess for that less cool and pretty girl??

Yeah what a ratard.
by Ski34 January 07, 2010
25 57
A cool person who is not a retard.
They are retards, we are ratards.
by asdfsdf December 30, 2007
29 72