your a rEtard for not knowing how to spell this right
your a fucking retard for spelling it ratard
#fuckface #stupid #dumb #tragic #ass
by clearly vauge July 20, 2009
A somewhat derogatory adjective.I invented the word ratard in 2005.It is a combination of retard and rat-like qualities. It can refer to a person or a thing/object.In our house sometimes instead of saying something is a ratard we just say "Voo Voo!" in a stupid voice.
"He's a real ratard!" Or "I made a ratard soup of old left-overs" Or "That used car I just bought turned out to be a ratard"
#ratard #retard #tard #rat #voo voo #moron
by M Nugent March 09, 2007
A word I made up that now means someone who resembles a rat (big teeth etc.) and who is stupid.
Andrew Bray, you're a ratard... MASTER SPLINTER!!!!!
by Gumba Gumba March 16, 2004
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