Another (better) reference for the ATV "mongoose" in Halo 3
Dude, forget the Warthog! Jump on the Rat-Tail!!
by sik 2v February 05, 2010
When a girl on her period(the rag) and has a tampon in. she lets the string dangle and shows it to people.
Check this out.

haha got you with the rat tail
by Adam Tompkin March 22, 2010
a commonly used terminology to describe a special type of airbrush stroke used predominately by intermediate and advanced airbrush artists. The stroke itself resembles a kind of dagger or rat tail shape being thick at first and then progressively and quickly reducing it size to a very fine line.
that airbrush artist says he uses the "rat tail" or dagger stroke technique to get those beautiful sunsets artworks.
by Brindleheimers January 15, 2008
When a girl is on her period, you begin to eat her out with a tampon in her. While eating her out, suck on the string hanging on the tampon. Thus creating a rat tail out of her vagina and in your mouth.
John: Dude, natalie was on her period but i didn't care so i pulled a rat tail on her.

Brandon: Fucking sick brah.
by Laxbrah123 January 10, 2010
a line of cocaine that is longer than a finger
My cokehead friends love to do big fat rat tails.
by Emily Elizabeth September 20, 2005
when you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out while leaving the condom in her ass.
I was fucking this chik but i pulled out so fast it left her with a rat tail.
by KLiK May 14, 2004
One of the few hair styles that is still truly individualist since so many guys have long hair, mohicans, shaved patterns, funny colours etc these days. I have one and NO it does not MAKE me a sodding redneck, German, 80s relic etc.
Your the only guy I've met with a hair do quite like that
by Geoooooooo March 24, 2005

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