Cross between love-rat and bastard. Term means anyone who is coniving, and who makes sure their partner is the last to know of their activities.

Non-puristically, It is used as a general insult to anyone.
Get away from my truck, you goddam lil' ratbastard!
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
a person who intentionally or unintentionally causes issues which annoy you.
you rat bastard!! Who said you could use a simple material, when my instructions clearly outline using a color material???
by H!ghPla!nsDr!fter August 26, 2009
A despicable person.
Someone easy to hate, usually for a good reason.
It is normally related to either extreme personality flaws or actions commited counter to human decency.
"What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now, at this moment?"
- Raoul Duke (HST)
by Vladicus March 14, 2005
A commitmentphobic who carelessly or negligently mistreats daters as a direct result of said commitmentphobia. Ratbastardly actions center around lying, cheating, ending dating relationships irresponsibly.
After five months together he just stopped calling without an explanation. What a ratbastard!!
by mervous November 12, 2003
Undesirable who is also a rat (informant).
Your brother's nothing but a rat bastard. He ratted me out to my PO.
by Fuhgetaboudit February 13, 2005
A song by the ska/punk band, Mustard Plug.
On the album "Im Black and White"
You told me I'm a real rat bastard
I'm telling you I can't deny it's true
But step inside this real rat bastard
You be me and I'll be, I'll be you
by uhohashley December 06, 2008
A person who looks like a rat but is also a bastard.. Chris Lindsey is a
perfect example of a Rat Bastard.
Hey have you seen Chris Lindsey?
Yea I seen rat bastard bout an hour ago.
by A-Town February 03, 2005

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