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mick name for whie folk
greg:yo nigga gunna get shook

mello: yeah right i m aboutizzle 2 shake ur raster assizzle
by Nicktheguywhoknoesall March 30, 2005
Raster is the order of painting lines / pixels on a crt screen
I'm using a 512 line raster!
by gapiro May 11, 2005
boobies, boobs, breasts, titties
Check out the rasters on that babe!
by westgate March 08, 2008
A person in the hipster subculture who's personal appearance and lifestyle is influenced by Rastafarianism.
I went to Cindy's art party in New York City, and I saw 10 guys with dreadlocks, skinny jeans, and Marley shirts. What a bunch of Rasters!
by RoseWow211 December 30, 2008