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rastafa is one who believes in freedom of self. dreds, weed, reggae, and a chill outlook on life r wat a rastafa is all about. the only person a rastafa tries to please is himself, a rastafa doesnt care wat anyone else thinks about him.

Bob Marley was a rastafa
that rastafa over their sure is high as a kite, lets ask him if we can hit that spliff hes got then maybe after we can jam.
#rastafa #rastufa #rahstahfa #rastafar #raastafa #rastaaf #rasstafa #rastofa
by herbina spleef May 16, 2007
him who believe in de freedom of mind body and jah spirit. him don care wat ppl tink bout him because him reach de ultimate freedom

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him who be free be rastafa.
bob marley him be legendary rastafa
#rastafa #raastafa #rasstafa #rasttafa #rastaafa
by Kamau May 13, 2007
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