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Rashena is a girl who is typically funny, caring, a little defiant but its hard not to love her. Rashena tries to make a fun time out of any time. She is also a very sensitive and emotional person that is hurt easily, and often feels less of herself when in that position. Rashena is a very caring person who likes to give kind words to people and gifts to make anyone smile. She is also very serious about relationships no matter if its family, bf, or mentor, but dont get Rashena twisted if you show Rashena that you dont care about her or never did she will cut you off easily. Rashena has some deep secerts in life where only people she can trust she will tell. It takes years to earn Rashena trust. Other than that Rashena is a nature person who likes to experience life on the wild side. If you know a Rashena and are close to her your a very luck person. Usually a Rashena is a Gemini, Cancer, or a Virgo. There careers are Counselors, Lawyers, Teachers, Actors, Jornalist, and Hair Stylists. Also a Rashena is great mom because they tend to raise there child the most positive and safest way then when they were raised.
Michael: wow that girl is so funny
Sarah: yeh I know thats Rashena for you
by Drake From State Farm February 03, 2014
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