Act of having vaginal sex with a woman who is on her period and as he is about to cum sticking your cock in her to finish him off. She has a mouth full of cum and her own blood
He pulled his bloody cock out of her vagina and stuck it into her mouth to give her, her own rasberry swirl.
by Jag off sucker September 09, 2009
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Top Definition
The act of going down on a beautiful woman who is having her period, thus swirling her already red vagina.

The act of going down on a beautiful woman, thus swirling her "red rasberry"
Tori is the only girl I would ever give a rasberry swirl to.
by lillian black March 29, 2004
the act of ejaculating in a females mouth and then busting her in her mouth with your fist.
That ho got a rasberry swirl and then swallowed it!
by sassymchateful August 13, 2007

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