An individual in the music industry who is both a hipster and a rapper at the same time.
So there's this new artist, you probably haven't heard of him, his name is Macklemore and he's such a rapster.
by dictionary dan January 28, 2013
Top Definition
a person marked by the characteristic of being both a gangster and a rapper simultaneously
Dude, you're such a rapster!
by rapster girl November 13, 2009
the type of person who listens to indie rock + underground hip hop / indie-rap.

the type of people who go see RJD2 play at the Guggenheim.

Skinny nerds who get beat up at a Paul Barnum show.

White kids who sing along at a Dead Prez show.
"look at all these rapsters in line for tickets to the KRS-one show. Who's opening, Built To Spill?"
by patra_is_here April 18, 2006
A combination of RAPper and gangSTER.
Check out that rapter, I want to be just like him, cause he's cool.
by westsiiide February 08, 2004
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