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The sexual act of fellatio on a male whilst penetrating him with a R2D2 shaped dildo
Beer_Baron and Explicit D enjoyed a wonderful RJD2 while playing a new popular FPS while recording a walkthrough
by migitman999999 September 22, 2009
RJD2 is an amazing DJ and music producer. He started out in 1993 with a pair of turntables he bought from a friend, and his career took off from there. He's often seen as a hidden talent, as not many people are familiar with his work. Though underrated, he's fantastic at what he does. He's composed three solo albums (despite the various collaborations he's done with a slew of artists), each of them unique in their own way. His third album, The Third Hand, is arguably seen as the turning point in his career, where he abandoned most of the sample-based tracks and went on to writing and singing his own music.
Just listen to RJD2's "Ghostwriter".
by adsjk February 15, 2009
when robots get involved... Nuff said.
Dude: woah that was nice. next time lets bring robots. Then it'd be a real RJ D2
by RJ d2 January 19, 2010
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