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Adjective to describe the "pathetic" manner in which a person always attempts to speak in "rap".
Kevin: "Hey, what's up, Payam?"
Payam: "Well, I got a lot of loot and I ain't lookin' for a lady
And you can never pay me I'm from Uptown baby
I wake up in the mornin' take a piss and wash my hands..."
Kevin: "Ok,ok...enough with the rappathetic shit."
by stockman09 August 02, 2008
adj. The monotonous, unnatural, and PATHETIC use of rap while having a conversation with another
Alex: "So what's been going on?"
Payam: "I be tossin', enforcin', my style is awesome
I'm causin more Family Feuds than Richard Dawson
And the survey said - you're dead
Fatal flying guillotine chops off your fuckin' head"
Kevin: "Yo, stfu with that rappathetic shit already, brozay. You're givin' me a headache."

by stockman09 September 24, 2008
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