A sexist, sadistic, human being, who forces him/her self on a guy/girl, I know a few friends who were raped, but i still cant imgaine their pain and suffering from what happened to them. Rapists should be shot down on sight. Rapists shouldent be allowed to live. Man or Woman...burn them all.
Girl: -crying-
Cop: i understand how hard this is, but you have to tell us what happened, tell us who the rapist is
by Soul Cal September 16, 2009
A sick freak that is the worst kind of person in the world next to a child molester. Contrary to belief, rape isn't about sex, but about a feeling of control and power over someone (most often a woman) Rapists fall in between child molester (the worst) and terrorist (the third worst) in the top ten SCUMBAGS list
Earl: Hey, Scott, did you hear about Douglas

Scott: No, what about him?

Earl: He was arrested for rape, and plead guilty

Scott: Rapists are worse than terrorists

Earl: Yup, indeed they are.
by fanboys of anything suck dick November 29, 2010
a horrible raper who rapes the ear with lame rhymes and lyrics.
Guy: walks down street

Rap-ist: Yo, yo, its you boy, uh-hu, uh-hu. yEah yeh yea-
Guy: Oh gawd NO! NO! why?!!
Rap-ist: yeh
by BreakM3 August 10, 2010
A person whose only way to get laid is forcing someone else into having sex with them - children included.
Being a rapist is very uncool.
by luizza October 27, 2006
A Big Green Ogre who penetrates your butt hole.
Shrek Is A Rapist.
by OMGYOLOSWAG February 25, 2015
Rapist is a portmanteau (a blend of two words into one new word) of rap artist
Ya, that TI is one hell of a rapist
by Drunvalo April 20, 2011
Someone who will force sex upon you. So if you see one... RUN! Who cares if he has puppies!
Rapist: do you want to see my puppies? They're in my van...

You: *runs away*
by Peoples of the world November 11, 2015
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