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Someone who climbs in your windows, snatches your people up and tries to rape them.
In the case of a rapist, ya'll need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband too, 'cause they raping errybody out there.
Well, obviously, we got us a rapist right here in Lincoln Park...
by Idiot From the Projects October 24, 2010
a horrible raper who rapes the ear with lame rhymes and lyrics.
Guy: walks down street

Rap-ist: Yo, yo, its you boy, uh-hu, uh-hu. yEah yeh yea-
Guy: Oh gawd NO! NO! why?!!
Rap-ist: yeh
by BreakM3 August 10, 2010
A boy named mike who go's sober to partys and convinces drunk grade nines to sleep with him
Mike is a Rapist aat partys
by yournotreal January 27, 2009
Rapist is a portmanteau (a blend of two words into one new word) of rap artist
Ya, that TI is one hell of a rapist
by Drunvalo April 20, 2011
A person whose only way to get laid is forcing someone else into having sex with them - children included.
Being a rapist is very uncool.
by luizza October 27, 2006
A rapist is someone who will rape your mind. They try to physically or psychologically abuse you for their own enjoyment. They are an abuser or RAPIST of the body or mind.
Vital is known as the neighborhood rapist.
by lotter January 25, 2008
Someone who forces sex.
Morgan .B is my rapist <3
by captaiinkc. August 23, 2009