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The large deposit of fat that can build up below the naval. Old women are usually the owners of Fanti's, but very fat men can have them too.

This word was created by, as no such word used to exist to describe such an amusing fattening of ones fanti.
Look at her fanti, its huge!
by April 19, 2005
A person, usually referring to the "Twilight" books, who cannot decide whether they are for them (or it) or against them (or it).

A combination of the words "fan" and "anti"
Melanie can't decide whether she likes the movie or not, so she's a fanti.
by Gloom Darkwood May 30, 2009
noun. a person of the lowest order of mental retardation.
you, sir, are a complete fantis!
by woodzy92 July 23, 2013
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